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Rachid Hiloua
£500.00 + £125.00 Gift Aid
6 days ago
Rachid Hiloua
3 months ago
Charki Fatima
7 months ago
(General Donation)
£250.00 + £62.50 Gift Aid
8 months ago
(General Donation)
Rachid Hiloua
8 months ago

All Proceedings go towards

Build a Mosque

Build a community mosque for people who have lost one due to natural disasters or have never had any in their area.

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Assalaam alaikoem dear brothers & sisters,

My name is Rachid Hiloua and i'm from Belgium. I am trying to raise money for building a MOSQUE in SIERRA LEONE. (Fi sabilillah)

The Messenger of Allah () said, When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).

By supporting this hughe opportunity, you’ll get the reward for building this masjid:

The total cost of building this Mosque £6000. Insha Allah the Mosque will provide: 

  • CAPACITY: The mosque will provide space for 150-250 muslims to pray at one time, although many more community members will pray there, Insha Allah.
  • MADRASAH - Building a mosque with UKIM will also provide a madrasah for 50+ children to study Islam and become hafiz-ul Qur'an, Insha Allah.
  • Venue for community meetings. 

  • Fostering peace, unity and love among the communities and many more facilities


This is a project that i always wanted to participate in, and therefore i’ll set the example by donating myself (Rachid HILOUA) and my wife (Karima IEL MOHAMMAD) and my children 1000 £, and also my mother & family will insha allah participate in this beautiful project insha allah.

Please don’t let this opportunity pass by, the reward will be huge.

Every donation is welcome insha allah to complete this project insha allah. May Allah bless you all for your donations & intentions. Djazak Allah ghair.

Asalaam alaikoem

Rachid Hiloua

Updates & Comments

Rachid Hiloua 6 days ago
Donated £500.00 + £125.00 Gift Aid

Zakaat al Maal

Rachid Hiloua 3 months ago
Donated £350.00

i hope more people can help to reach the goal to build a masjid with madrassah in Sierra Leone. The reward is great. Djazak Allah ghair. Rachid

Charki Fatima 7 months ago
Donated £430.00

Charki Fatima.

Rachid Hiloua 8 months ago
Donated £1,000.00


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