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Global COVID Emergency

COVID-19, or coronavirus, has already taken millions of lives and left families without breadwinners or income. Your donation can help make a difference.

Zakat Applicable


With the world shutting down in response to COVID-19, families are being forced to struggle without food and necessities. Your support can help.

The WHO has been continuing to track the spread of coronavirus (which you can see here) and has officially called titled it a pandemic, indicating that the whole world is at risk. In this unprecedented time, entire countries are being forced to close their cities and restrict movement in an effort to contain the spread before it becomes unmanageable. Despite this, experts continue to state that the situation is likely to worsen.

With the healthcare systems of developed nations struggling to cope, vulnerable and impoverished nations are already starting to show signs of their own struggle too. In this time of need, we must unite to provide support where it is needed most. Our Global COVID-19 charity appeal aims to respond to this need, utilising our network of global food hubs to provide nutrition to those who are being affected or have already been affected by coronavirus.

What Are We Doing to Help?

With your support, we are providing struggling families and communities with hygiene packs, food packs and disinfectant materials to reduce the infectivity rate where we can. COVID-19 has already led to thousands of deaths and many more being hospitalised, resulting in families losing key breadwinners who bring income into the household. Without this income, many are struggling to make ends meet and survive. It’s our goal to help those who are most vulnerable, providing them with up to a month’s worth of food and the materials they need to stay as healthy as possible throughout this period.

How You Can Make a Difference

Your sadaqah can bring hope during this uncertain time to those who truly need it most. Assist us in supporting our brothers and sisters around the globe by donating to our Global Coronavirus Appeal today.



Could provide Essential Hygiene Pack
(Hand Gloves, Protective Masks, Cleaning Wipes, Disinfectants and Hand Sanitisers)


Could provide an essential Family Food Pack which will last for 1 Month


Could provide cooked meals for 150 Peoples (Refugees/Poor)


Provide Life Saving Equipment (This will help to Purchase Ventilators, Patient Monitors, Oxygen cylinders etc) 


Patient Monitors for Hospitals, this equipment helps to monitor the vital signs of patients (Blood Pressure, Pulse, ECG


Ventilators. Provide lifesaving vital equipment which helps Patient to breathe by supplying Oxygen.

Please give generously – your donation from the UK can reach your brothers and sisters in need across the world.


COVID Response 2020 Yemen


COVID-19, or coronavirus, has already taken millions of lives and left families without breadwinners or income. Your donation can help make a difference.

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