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Current Appeal


  • £25 Donate a copy of Quran and the set of introductory Islamic literature
  • £100 Donate for New Muslim training package
  • £200 Donate a Musallah (Unit prayer space) in a new mosque in UK

Orphan Care

  • £360 Sponsor an orphan for one year
  • £840 Widow and Orphans family support for one year
  • £1200 Sponor a child to become a Hafiz of Quran (3.5 years sponsorship)

Education Projects

  • £120 Educate a child for one year
  • £500 Sponsor a disabled child for one year
  • £1000 Adopt a school for one year

Healthcare Projects

  • £60 Eye Operation, could bring the light back to someone’s life
  • £200 Annual medical treatment of thalassemia and blood transfusion for a child.
  • £5000 Mobile Healthcare Unit and emergency response Ambulance

Livelihood Projects

  • £100 Skill development training for orphans, widows and deserving individuals
  • £150 Donate a sewing machine or livelihood kit.
  • £300 Interest free loan to a person to earn livelihood for their family

Water & Sanitation

  • £200 Sponsor a water Hand pump in a village
  • £500 Build a community water storage tank
  • £1200 Help dig of a community well for public use

Gaza - Palestine

  • £40 Provide eye glasses to a child in Gaza
  • £150 Provide essential medicines and treatment for those in need
  • £200 Donate a Musalla in a Masjid destroyed by the war.
  • £250 Iftar Dinner in Masjid Aqsa Palestine for 100 persons.
  • £840 Sponosr a family in Gaza for one year.

Somalia & East Africa

  • £80 Provide food and drinking water to a family in East Africa
  • £500 Help constructing water system for an entire village in East Africa

Syrian and Burmese

  • £100 Food and water for an month for a family.
  • £100 Baby food and supplements pack.
  • £150 Provide a temporary shelter
  • £150 Provide essential medicines and treatment for those in need

Regular Donation

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  • Or Call us Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm to set a direct debit

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If you are an individual UK taxpayer, paying income tax and/or capital gains tax, you can make your donations grow by 25%, at no extra cost to you!

UK Islamic Mission can claim back the tax you have paid on your donations, under Inland Revenues Gift Aid Declaration scheme. For every £10 you donate, we can claim an extra £2.50 from the Inland Revenue. All you need to do is authorize us by ticking the box opposite.

Your tax bill for the year of your donation must be at least equal to the amount that we claim for that year.

Refund Policy

UK Islamic Mission is a registered charity working in the United Kingdom, which offers a range of services including welfare and relief to individuals and communities. Donations and contributions are received and spent to help the less fortunate in society. Where a donor seeks a refund, the trustees and management of the UK Islamic Mission will have the discretion to warrant such a request based on a written application.

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