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Orphanage Project

Support UK Islamic Mission's Orphanage Project and give young lives a home of their own

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Pakistan has over four million orphans. With no home or family to care for them, many of these vulnerable children are abandoned on the streets.

Every child has the right to a home; feeling cared for, loved and safe. Unfortunately, for millions of orphans in need in Pakistan, this is just a wishful dream. Orphans are some the most vulnerable members of our society and having lost the love, care and protection of parents, they are at the mercy of close relatives, family and friends and society at large. 

We have a duty to provide for these vulnerable orphan children, which is why this project was set up to help build an orphanage for those most at need. 

Pakistan is home to 4.2 million orphans. In many cases, poverty and natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes have contributed to this number. Many orphans in Pakistan find themselves abandoned on the streets, struggling to survive. The struggle to find food, as well as living in makeshift shelters with no hope of attending school or accessing vital medical treatment are a daily occurrence for these children. 

UK Islamic Mission believes in every child having the right to thrive and achieve their full potential with access to good healthcare, education, protection and safety. 

Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him (PBUH), said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself, will be together like this,” and he held his two fingers together (Sahih Bukhari, 5659). 

It was the practice of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to care for orphans when he realised how valuable and vulnerable these children were. He himself was an orphan, but, with care and protection from his grandfather and uncle, he became the beacon of light for the world at large. It is our sacred duty to support, protect and care for the welfare of the orphans. 

Your support for the orphans in Pakistan makes a tremendous difference to the lives of these children, receiving not only food, clean water and shelter but also access to healthcare and education; creating hope and aspiration for brighter futures. 

Your support makes a huge impact on the lives of orphan girls especially; reducing their vulnerability to potential exploitation, underage marriage, abuse and poverty. 

We are determined to help every orphan child to achieve their full potential by having access to education, care, protection and independence.

Orphanage Project

Nothing is sweeter then the child's Smile.

UK Islamic Mission's Orphanage Project

UK Islamic Mission has joined hands with a local charity in Pakistan to build orphanages. This is built to be a home as well as an educational institution for these  Orphan children.

What Makes This Orphanage Special?

It provides:

  • Qualified, trained teachers who deliver a quality education utilising modern technology, such as computers and projectors 
  • ethical, moral and religious training 
  • healthy lifestyle and hygiene education
  • regular medical and psychological check-ups 
  • school trips and extra-curricular activities ensuring learning is fun 


£5,000 or £416 Per Month

You will be building a Hostel Room or classroom for our orphans

£1,000 or £84 Per Month

You will provide a share in the building of an orphanage

£500 or £42 Per Month

Equip a Hostel or Class room with Essential Furniture and study aid equipment.

£6000 or £500 Per Month

Adopt an Orphanage and Provide food for 6 Months for up to 80-100 Children.


Support UK Islamic Mission's Orphanage Project and give young lives a home of their own

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