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At UK Islamic Mission, we endeavour to make the world a better place, and we’re always excited to showcase our work to you, our donors. Without your kind contributions, our work simply wouldn’t be possible, and you deserve to see the impact your donations make. It’s not enough for us to just tell you how we’ve put your contributions to good use; we need to show you the life-changing effects, too.

From our Gaza Emergency Response to our Medical Camp for Syrian Refugees, our video gallery displays some of our most notable projects made possible by you.

What We Do

Our mission is to build a good society on a global scale. We strive to achieve this by establishing a network of mosques and Islamic schools, fundraising for relief and welfare projects, organising public programmes, providing food parcels to those in need, and so much more. Essentially, we work to develop innovative fundraising techniques that ensure everyone’s basic needs are met.

Instead of just telling you what we do, we can actually show you in an engaging manner by way of our video content. This way, you can see the impact of your donations and get to know the team at the same time.

Our Inter-Faith Approach

Although we’re an Islamic charity, we’ve spent the last few years enhancing our engagement with people of other faiths. This includes the hosting of inter-faith events in mosques. We don’t allow people to be excluded from our aid based on their faith; anyone and everyone deserves to have their basic needs met and live a life free of suffering.

You can see our inter-faith approach unfold in some of our videos, wherein we work to eradicate suffering on a global scale for people of all faiths. This has been enforced by our motto of serving humanity since 1962.

Where We Work

We operate on a global scale, providing aid to those in need across Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Kashmir, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Lebanon, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Albania, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Our videos show our team on the ground around the world, as well as “thank yous” from the people we’ve helped worldwide. Not only are you able to see us in action, but you can see the gratitude of those who received aid from UKIM. Their thanks extend not only to our amazing team but our generous donors, too.

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