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Kashmir Widows and Orphans

Hundreds of thousands of orphans and widows in Kashmir desperately need your support

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Conflict in the Indian Administered Kashmir has led to the loss of loving fathers, husbands and breadwinners, leaving innocent families struggling to survive

Kashmiri women were once key drivers in developing the Kashmiri economy, leading in education, the handicraft and small businesses industries. However, over five decades of continuous conflict, a huge number of men have been forcibly abducted from their homes, workplaces, farms and streets, leaving many families without husbands or fathers. Our Kashmir appeal strives to assist these grieving families and help them through the poverty that losing a key breadwinner can cause.

Kashmiri widows are known as ‘half-widows’ because the disappearance of their husbands during the conflict has meant that they are unsure whether their husbands have passed away. These women are unable to bury or mourn their loved ones, leaving them without closure to move on with their lives or remarry. Additionally, they are forced to adopt a greater breadwinning role, often working back-breaking days for little income and struggling to feed and clothe their children every day.

The conflict has orphaned hundreds of thousands of children

Children are the most innocent and vulnerable victims of the ongoing fighting in Kashmir. Widows have become the head of their households, desperately struggling to provide food, shelter and protection for their orphaned children. Our Kashmir aid programmes are designed to alleviate this stress, enabling lone mothers to confidently feed and nurture their children, whilst providing young orphans with the nutrition and care they need to succeed.

Many orphan children leave school to work and help their mothers. This lack of education reduces their future prospects further and creates a vicious cycle of suffering. Please support our Kashmir charity appeal to provide assistance and break the continuous struggle that these innocent families face.

When you choose to sponsor an orphan, you can provide a child with shelter, essential food, healthcare, clothes, and most importantly, a consistent education

Our Kashmir Aid Programmes

It is by the Grace of Allah (SWT) that UK Islamic Mission is working hard to support these vulnerable, poverty and grief-stricken families. We currently provide the following programmes:

Livelihood Programme: This programme was established to help widows achieve a sustainable income to support their children in the long-term. This helps women to work reasonable hours and spend quality time nurturing their sons and daughters.

Orphan Sponsorship Programme: This programme provides orphan children with food, education, healthcare, clothing and shelter. It also nurtures orphans to overcome the trauma of losing a parent and supports them to fulfil their potential. This support is life-saving for these children and their families.

Our Hope for the Future of Widows and Orphans in Kashmir

Your continued support can provide the struggling people of Kashmir with life-saving, essential items and vital sustenance. Additionally, we aim to help those in need to rebuild their lives by providing widows with sewing machines, assisting them in generating a sustainable income and achieving financial security.

By sponsoring an orphan, providing emergency supplies or assisting in giving widows a livelihood, you can make a difference and save lives.  




Baby Food Pack: Provides food supplies for 1 month


Emergency Survival Pack: Provides Family food pack, Hygiene Kit and Baby Food


Provides Emergency Medical Supplies


Livelihood for Widows: Provide Sewing Machines, Skill Courses, Micro Finance

£360 or £30 pm

Sponsor an Orphan: Provide shelter, food, clothing and shoes, family support, and education tuition fees

£1200 or £100 pm

Adopt a Widowed Family: Your generosity will help to keep the widow and her children clothed, fed and safe for a year


Hundreds of thousands of orphans and widows in Kashmir desperately need your support

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