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Winter is typically considered the most challenging time of year for millions living in poverty in the developing nations. Refugees worldwide are forced to combat the freezing temperatures and driving rains of winter months in makeshift shelters with zero insulation. 

On top of this, they don’t have ready access to blankets or warm clothing, meaning that there is little that they can do to keep the cold at bay. As a result, they’re vulnerable to illnesses such as pneumonia and hypothermia, which can ultimately lead to death. 

As well as the cold, winter diseases such as common colds, the flu, and the coronavirus are rife in refugee camps due to incredibly cramped living conditions. On top of an inability to socially distance, refugees are also incapable of regularly washing their hands due to a limited supply of hygiene products and water. Not only does this create an environment in which illnesses can spread rapidly, but the poor health of refugees and the sparse medical resources mean that these preventable diseases can be deathly. 

No one should have to undergo this fate, which is why UKIM is asking you to do all that you can to help refugees this winter. On top of donating to our various appeals, there are so many things that you can do to make a difference. 

Spread Awareness

The first step to helping refugees this winter is to spread awareness about their situation. As previously mentioned, the privilege that many of us experience in the UK can leave us ignorant of what people are having to deal with globally. In order to make a significant change, a significant number of people need to be made aware of the issues. 

Raising awareness to support refugees can be done in many ways, whether you campaign on social media, make a petition, organise a protest, or merely bring up the situation of refugees in conversation. Each method has its own benefits; for example, social media allows you to reach a wide audience of people that you otherwise wouldn’t have the means of communicating with. However, petitions are a great way to demonstrate the level of support that the cause has, making it easier to make a difference. 

Similarly, a protest is something that cannot be ignored, which means that people must listen; with this being said, all protests must be executed in a peaceful manner. Finally, having conversations about the situation of refugees not only allows you to educate others but also contributes to your own learning. 


Usually, refugees are forced to flee their homes and enter another country for the sake of their own wellbeing and safety. As a result, they may not speak the language of the country that they have settled in and will struggle to find opportunities to improve their living conditions. In fact, many countries that accommodate refugees are already in a state of poverty, meaning employment opportunities and access to basic amenities are already sparse. 

Therefore, you might volunteer on a refugee camp to offer mentoring, provide employment skills training, and oversee community-building activities. This is a great way to provide refugees with the skills that they need to seek employment, allowing them to avoid exploitation. If you truly want to help the refugees, this is a personal and hands on way of doing that.

Donate to Our Appeals

Here at UKIM, we have various appeals that are specifically for the purpose of assisting refugees, and we pay particular attention to these in winter. Your donations give us the means of helping refugees this winter. On top of these, we provide aid to Syrian refugees in winter so that we’re able to distribute winter clothes for refugees, food packs, emergency survival packs, hygiene kits, and so much more. 

Without your donations, millions of refugees will find themselves dehydrated, hungry, cold, homeless, and unwell. It’s our mission to reach each and every refugee to provide them with the life-saving aid that they so desperately need. You can help them this winter by joining us in our mission. 

Sponsor a Child, Family, School, or Child Protection Centre

Although many of us believe childhood to be a time of freedom and fun, this isn’t quite the case for refugee children. In fact, many children are separated from their families during the migration process, contributing to the already staggering number of orphans in these countries. However, even if refugee children do have their parents, they’re still often unable to attend school, leaving them susceptible to exploitative labour. 

By sponsoring a child or family, you can be sure that you’re saving someone from this dreaded fate. Your sponsorship money will go towards ensuring that these families have access to water, food, shelter, medical facilities, warm clothing, and education. Similarly, if you sponsor a school, you can make certain that children in deprived areas are receiving a quality education, so that they can seek employment in later life and escape the turmoil of poverty. Finally, sponsoring a child protection centre will help protect those poor children living on the streets from abuse, exploitation, and bitter temperatures. 

Help Refugees this Winter with UKIM

In the absence of your donations, our charity work simply wouldn’t be possible. Donate today to save the lives of refugees this winter. 

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