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How We Help Pakistan

The UK Islamic Mission team works across the globe in some of the most disadvantaged and deprived communities. We can provide provisions, aid and support to those who need it most with our appeals and programmes that are created to bring a stop to immense poverty and suffering across the world.

With the united support of our local partners and supporting donors, we are able to work with many different communities to help support them in the harsh conditions which they face. We aim to tackle many issues most rooting from poverty, conflicts, disasters, climate, and location. We work on the ground in many countries that face such issues, responding urgently to numerous emergencies.


Pakistan is one of the main countries in South Asia that we work within, providing vital supplies and support. Pakistan has faced many conflicts, disasters and calamities which arise due to a variety of numerous factors which has caused this country to struggle every single day.

Pakistan is a Third World country, like so many other South Asian countries, due to the high rate of poverty. Pakistan is a vast and beautiful land, however, due to the location and climate, it has suffered a tremendous number of times as a result. This land that is prone to natural hazards has encountered many of the following: droughts, heatwaves, floods, extreme cold and earthquakes. These disasters have affected the lives of many especially those suffering from poverty. The effects are still present to this day, with many unable to recover and get their lives back on track.

Political challenges over many years have affected the country at large. It had led to multiple unfortunate deaths and problems for the Pakistani community. 

The constant cycle of never-ending poverty, poor quality of life, stresses over water, pollution and many other factors have critically affected the economy of Pakistan. Many families and young children are found to be living in crumbling neighborhoods, known as slums, which are known to be extremely unhygienic and are hot spots of crime. Many orphaned children are found living in these conditions which is extremely disturbing and dangerous as many upsettingly are forced into gangs, exploited, and forced into work and other situations against their will.

Street children, due to their poor backgrounds, are commonly unable to pursue an education as they are not able to access the funds needed to afford the expenses required. It is estimated that there are around 1.5 million street children in Pakistan, and it is continuously increasing due to multiple factors such as extreme poverty, migration, displacement and violence.

The adults of Pakistan also experience the harsh bitter truth of their conditions. Many adults are unable to provide for their families. Many adults are unable to obtain employability due to lack of education, areas and health in most cases. The increase in individuals suffering from multiple health conditions has caused huge distress, as many are unable to access health care due to costs and location.

How to Help Orphans in Pakistan

While we are fortunately protected and cared for by our parents, many young children in Pakistan are unable to relate to this. The staggering amount of child orphans in Pakistan is around 4.2 million, along with close to a quarter of the population currently living below the poverty line.

The increasing number of orphaned children are extremely vulnerable to disease, malnutrition, illness, exploitation and even death. Many of them are unable to access education and learn like other children due to their status and situation. Instead of pursuing an education, they are taken advantage of by adults who exploit them and force them into child labour. 

These children and orphaned families need our help to break free of the unfortunate life and come out and pursue a brighter future. You can help us at UK Islamic Mission to support and improve the conditions of the coming youth through our sponsorship programmes and appeals. 

How You Can Help Pakistan

You can help to improve the pain and suffering that our Pakistani brothers and sisters face by working with us to provide and create more opportunities for the Pakistani community. Help with uplifting families and communities out of these situations. Enable children to have a brighter future with a combination of both mainstream and Islamic education.

Help to aid those who are in desperate need of vital supplies of food, water and medical care, helping us together to give them hope. Uplift our brothers and sisters who are struggling to provide for their families by helping us to support them.

This work of charity can be enacted through your donations and support, whether it be in the form of Zakat, Sadaqah, Qurbani or general donation. 

Together with UK Islamic Mission, we can create the change that is so desperately needed. Please donate to us today.

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