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Why is Zakat Important?

Zakat is the third Pillar of Islam, meaning it’s something that every devout Muslim must fulfil. Any Muslim whose possessions exceed the Nisab threshold is required to donate 2.5% of their total wealth on a yearly basis. When calculating their wealth, their cash, gold, silver, shares, and additional property or vehicles are considered. 

UKIM uses your Zakat donations to aid those who need it most across the globe. From feeding the poor to building homes or schools, we ensure that your Zakat brings hope to those in desperate need. We operate on an international scale, putting provisions in place for the poorest of countries. So, aside from the assistance given to those in need, why is Zakat important to Islam?

Fulfilment of the Five Pillars

Firstly, Zakat is required for Muslims to fulfil each of the Five Pillars of Islam. These are the foundations that every Muslim should base their life around, meaning that Zakat is in no way optional. Any individual that is devoted to Islam must adhere to the teachings of the Five Pillars; otherwise, they simply can’t be deemed as a true Muslim. 

Each of the Five Pillars is designed to bring Muslims closer to righteousness so that they can attain acceptance from Allah (SWT). If one doesn’t fulfil each of their basic duties, they will have to do a lot of work to repent for their sins and gain forgiveness from Allah (SWT). 

Zakat, in particular, is an important concept as it promotes the notion of shared responsibility and teaches us about our relationship with wealth. Ultimately, Islam isn’t about solely looking out for yourself, and it’s vital that you share your personal blessings with those who need them most. Similarly, it enables us to recognise that wealth is a temporary blessing from Allah (SWT) which can’t be taken with us upon death.

Increases Closeness to Allah (SWT)

Zakat is considered an act of worship that is sure to bring you closer to Allah (SWT). Any duty that one fulfils as a Muslim should be done with His teachings in mind. By prioritising your connection with Allah (SWT) over your worldly material possessions, you display a commitment to your religion and a trust in Him. 

Your Zakat donation shows that you trust Allah’s (SWT) will and that you’re willing to execute each of his teachings and leave your life in his hands. This complete devotion is all that Allah (SWT) expects of any Muslim, and He will deliver rewards in return. 

Purification of Wealth

Greed and an obsession with material possessions are deemed sinful in Islam, meaning that one shouldn’t hoard wealth whilst others have nothing. Consequently, Muslims should strive to remove all impurities from their possessions by donating their Zakat and fairly distributing their blessings. 

It’s down to Allah (SWT) to decide who is wealthy and who is not, but He expects all those who are capable to share their wealth with those who need it most. This allows us to refrain from giving in to greed and allowing ourselves to become consumed by meaningless worldly possessions. On top of this, it permits us to provide aid to those that are suffering in poverty. 

Ensures Re-Distribution of Wealth

Allah (SWT) deems everyone equal, as a result, no one is more deserving of wealth than anyone else. Therefore, Muslims should always be reminded of a sense of community that leaves them responsible for those in need. It’s far too common for those in need to go unrecognised, which is where Zakat comes in to try and combat this issue. 

Zakat forces us to acknowledge our blessings, understand that we’re no more deserving than anyone else, and distribute these blessings. This helps us reach a fairer community that is free of hierarchy and prejudice, as it’s important to recognise that Allah (SWT) is the only superior being. 

Alleviates Suffering and Bolsters the Muslim Community

Devastatingly, so many Muslims across the globe don’t have access to the most basic of necessities to lead a comfortable life. Instead, these people experience suffering on a daily basis and struggle to make ends meet. Despite this, you can make their lives more bearable by providing them with your Zakat donation. 

You would be surprised by just how transformative and powerful your Zakat donation can be. The impact that your Zakat has can make the difference between life and death in so many instances. You can help elevate the Muslim community as a whole from your yearly donation alone. 

Calculate Your Zakat with UKIM

Here at UKIM, we’re dedicated to answering the burning question: why is giving Zakat important? We hope we’ve helped you understand the significance, and the assistance doesn’t end there. In order to calculate your Zakat, you can head over to our handy online calculator to guarantee that you donate your required amount. We’ll use your donation in the best way to transform the life of someone in need. 

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