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Winter Emergency Appeal

Winter is a time to keep warm but for many it's a season on the streets

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UKIM Winter Emergency Appeal: Extend Your Warmth - Save Lives

Recognise the Plight of the Vulnerable

Winter's harsh embrace grips countless lives around the world. In Gaza, homeless individuals battle freezing temperatures, seeking shelter amidst chilling winds. Syrian refugees find themselves in makeshift tents, braving the cold with minimal resources. In Morocco and Libya, survivors of earthquakes and floods confront the frigid weather without adequate shelter or warmth. Across the globe, the impoverished and needy face the bitter cold without proper protection.

Be Their Ray of Hope

With your unwavering support, UK Islamic Mission (UKIM) has reached out to over 15,000 individuals in dire need across Pakistan, Palestine, Syrian Refugee camps, and Yemen. Your donations have brought warmth, comfort, and life-saving essentials to those battling the cold. Continue your generous support and help UKIM extend its response by providing crucial aid where it is needed the most. Removing the hardship of biting cold weather from someone’s life is a highly commendable act in Islam.

In a narration from Abu Huraira (R.A.), the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, Allah will remove one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection from him.” [Muslim: 2699]

Donate to one of UKIM’s winter appeals and be included among those who will be chosen for the Mercy of Allah (SWT) on judgement day.

Extend a Generous Hand

This winter, join hands with UKIM and extend a supportive hand to those in need. Imagine the desperate situation faced by people going through war, conflict, disaster, and ultimate poverty. In the absence of suitable accommodation, they do not have sufficient protection against the severe effects of winter. In addition, they suffer from the worst outcomes of the cold because of a lack of appropriately warm clothing and shoes, as well as fuel, gas, or electricity.

Remember the plight of the vulnerable this winter. Your donations can make an immense difference. Every contribution assists UKIM in delivering warmth, shelter, and life-saving supplies to those facing the harshest conditions. Together, we can provide warmth and save lives. Support UKIM's Winter Emergency Appeal today.

Offer a Warm Embrace

 Join the fight against the atrocious cold and donate to one of UKIM's winter warmth packs. These packs aim to offer comfort and protection against harsh weather conditions, contributing to the well-being of vulnerable people. Spending on those in desperate need is a matter of great reward in Islam. In the words of the Quran: “Believe in Allah and His Messenger and spend out of that (wealth) in which he has appointed you as trustees. So, for those of you who have believed and spent (in Allah’s way), there is a great reward.” [al-Hadeed 57:7]

Winter Emergency Appeal

Your contribution can make all the difference. Donate today with UK Islamic Mission and help us save lives.

Present Vital Support to Those Hard-hit by the Harsh Realities of Winter and Contribute to One of the Packages Below.


Family Food Pack - Provides Nutritious Food for a Family for a Month


Cooked Meals - Provides Warm Cooked Meals for 50 People


Family Warmth Pack - Includes Family Food Pack, Blanket, Warm Clothes, and Hygiene Kit


Children Warmth Pack for 4 Children -  Includes Warm Clothes, Gloves, and Shoes


Winter Survival Pack - Includes Family Food Pack, Blanket, Mattress, Warm Clothes, Heater, and Fuel


Winter is a time to keep warm but for many it's a season on the streets

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