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Build a community mosque for people who have lost one due to natural disasters or have never had any in their area.

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Salaams, on the 24th of January 2023 Uncle Kalim passed away. Alhumdulilah The Family had an opportunity to all say their goodbyes. 

Anyone who met Uncle Kalim will tell you the same thing: “ He did so much for us”


He didn’t care about himself.. he just served others.. he never said no to anyone.

He lived a life of servitude to his family.

I can only hope that when I pass.. people will say the things that I heard in that hospital yesterday.

Uncle was a self made Punjabi Pakistani man. He migrated to Australia with nothing and built one of the top clothing dye companies in the nation. He did it with old fashion hard work and he was quite passionate about it.

All the top notch designers out there.. he dyed thier clothes. Including the Sydney Olympic outfits.

He enjoyed weekends at the farm house with his twin brother. Its a gentleman’s farm.. a few horses.. some chicken.. a pond.. a dirt bike.. and lots of beauty.

Aniqas mother is being a great role model and being very strong and leading the ship..

We are in the process of organizing the janazah.

AH uncle lived a full life at 76 years old ..

Ayah (his granddaughter) said..

I love grandpa .. at the farm he said.. don’t feed the chickens too much.. or they will get sick..

One of the last things he told aniqa was you don’t have to come.. he didn’t want her to go thru a difficult travel.

He was self sufficient till the last day.. and that’s what he wanted. He never relied on anyone..

In fact everyone relied on him.

And he delivered.

I pray we all end up in heaven together.

In situations like this, people always ask, What Can I do?"

Well we have an answer for you.

AH we have an intention to build a small Mosque For Uncle Kalim. It will be in Pakistan or around there, iA. 

You will provide the construction of a small mosque for 150-200 people, and Madrasah for children.

What Better Gift can we give a man, who gave us his all.

Please give with an open heart and iA be a part of this Amazing legacy project. 

Imagine every single day people will be praying there 5 times a day.. in a place where otherwise there would be no mosque. Because this is a 3rd world country it costs pennies on the dollar to build a mosque. 

This is the ultimate gift, that keeps on giving.

JAK and we appreciate your duas. 

- The Chohan Family

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