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Ramadan 2020 Mosque Donation

Ramadan 2020. The country in lockdown. Our beloved mosques closed. Who knew the world would come to see such dark days? However despair not: Allah (SWT) does not burden a soul more than it can bear and teaches us to seek His Almighty assistance through patience and prayer.

In these times it is vital that we help out all those in need around the world. This is your opportunity to seek the help of Allah as He helps those that help others.

You can assist by donating through your local Mosque from the comfort of your home to ANY of the following causes;

  • Support YOUR local masjid with its ongoing costs during the lockdown.
  • Zakat - 2.5% of your annual savings to the poor and needy
  • Sadaqah - The Prophet said: Giving Sadaqah wipes out sins like water extinguishes fire.
  • Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) - Zakat ul Fitr is required to be given before the end of Ramadan so it can reach the poor in time for Eid ul Fitr.
  • General Donation - With this option your donations will go towards the most needed causes around the world.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah will be life changing to many people around the world whose lives have flipped in front of their very eyes. From war torn nations to villages where there is no food or clean water, where disease and illnesses flourish. This is where UKIM Relief steps up with your kindness and provides food, clean water, healthcare, sanitation and much more to thousands of men, women, children and orphans. Your generosity is second to none, change a life today.

“Indeed, those men and women who give in charity and lend to Allah a good loan will have it multiplied for them, and they will have an honourable reward” (Al-Qur’an,57: 18)



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