Umm-Al-Qura calendar
The Month of Rabi Al-Thani

Rabi Al-Thani, the fourth month in the Islamic calendar, translates to ‘the second spring’. It is also known as ‘Rabi Al-Aakhir', which translates to ‘the last spring’, as it refers to the end of the spring period.

The Islamic Calendar

The Islamic calendar consists of 12 months; Muharram, Safar, Rabi Al-Awwal, Rabi Al-Thani, Jumada Al-Awwal, Jumada Al-Thani, Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul Qa’da, and Dhul Hijjah. While some have significant events that occurred during them and others don’t, it is important to worship Allah (SWT) all year round with increased acts of worship.

It is 1444 AH, (after Hijrah), which means 1444 years after the migration from Makkah to Yathrib, now known as Madina. The Hijrah took place in 622 (CE) and enabled the message of Islam to spread. The year 1445 AH will begin on 19 July, with the 1st of Muharram to mark the start of the Islamic New Year.

When is Rabi Al-Thani?

The month of Rabi Al-Thani is expected to commence on 16 October 2023, once Rabi Al-Awwal has ended. Rabi Al-Thani will end when Jumada Al-Awwal begins, which is expected to be on 15 November 2023.

What To Do During Rabi Al-Thani

During this month, and throughout the year, it is important to continue worshipping Allah (SWT). Acts of worship can be increased during this month to gain extra rewards. You could read more Qur’an, pray Tahajjud, help a neighbour or give charity. Although there are no special or designated rewards in this month, good deeds made with good intentions will be rewarded, Insha’Allah.

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