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When you are homeless, the prospect of facing the cold of winter can fill you with dread and worry. Winter is the most difficult time of year – not only is the cold, wet, weather dangerous but it is also likely to lead to illness. It can be just as difficult mentally, too; the winter months are typically spent with family and loved ones, but many refugees have lost more than just their homes, they may have tragically lost their families, too.

There are hundreds of vulnerable people, including children and the elderly, that have been made homeless through no fault of their own. Displacement due to ongoing conflict, in places such as Syria, Gaza and the stateless Rohingya people, as well as natural disasters around the world, have left countless families in need of your help.

Such devastation can turn lives entirely upside down, so when the colder weather arrives, it can turn an already tragic story into one that is a fight for survival.

Where Do the Vulnerable Sleep During the Colder Months?

Our team works tirelessly on the ground delivering aid to those that need it most, but with more and more homes being lost every day, it is an uphill battle to provide assistance and support. In many of the countries we work in, the weather is typically hot and dry, which means the cold of winter is all the more bitter, as those that have lost their homes and possessions are less likely to have the essential clothing they need to protect themselves from the elements.

What’s more, these vulnerable people have taken refuge in makeshift camps of semi-permanent structures that were built during warmer, drier weather. Now that winter is approaching, these structures simply aren’t built to withstand colder weather. With temperatures dropping as low as -11 degrees celsius in Syria in Jan 2019, the prospect of another winter exposed to the elements can be daunting and scary.

Without secure shelter, these orphans, widows and refugee families are left to survive with the bare minimum. Unsecure shelter that doesn’t keep out the rain or snow leaves these vulnerable people out in the cold. They already struggle to get food, water and everyday basics, leaving them hungry and cold. Inadequate shelter and a lack of warm clothing and shoes can also leave them more susceptible to sickness, which only makes their struggle harder.

How You Can Help this Winter

Imagine how you would manage if you and your loved ones were forced out of your home and ended up homeless, hungry and in need of help. Imagine your choices being taken away from you and being left out in the cold to fend for yourself, wondering where you were going to sleep, or where your next meal was coming from.

You can help us provide aid by donating to our Winter Appeal. Our teams are working hard to provide those most in need in India, Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan, Gaza, Albania as well as Syrian and Rohingyan refugees. We need your donations to help provide warm clothing, gloves, shoes, blankets, mattresses, heaters and fuel, sleeping bags and food to help these vulnerable homeless people survive the winter.

With warmth, food and support this winter, your donations really can help make a difference to the lives of so many. Please donate today to help your brothers and sisters around the world in their moment of need.

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