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Jamada Al-Awwal is the fifth month in the Islamic calendar, which consists of 12 months. The word ‘Jamada’ derives from the word ‘Jamad’, meaning rainless or dry, which refers to the summer months. However, since the Islamic calendar is based on moon sightings, Jamada Al-Awwal will fall in autumn or winter this year as opposed to summer.

There are no specific requirements or acts of worship to perform during this month, but it is important to continue and increase acts of worship for the sake of Allah (SWT). This month can be used as a month of reflection on previous months and to think about how to make the coming months more effective in worshipping Allah (SWT).

When is Jamada Al-Awwal 2023?

Jamada Al-Awwal is expected to start on 15 November and end on 13 December. However, these dates are subject to slight change depending on the sighting of the moon.

Significant Events During This Month

During this month, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Khadija (RA) got married, in which Khadija (RA) proposed to the Prophet (PBUH) by sending one of her friends. Khadijah (RA) was 15 years older than the prophet (PBUH) but their marriage was a happy and loving one, whereby Khadijah (RA) supported her husband when he received the revelation and during his prophethood.

Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Prophet, passed away during the month of Jamada Al-Awwal. He cared for the Prophet for two years, while he was between six and eight years old, and then passed away, which led to the Prophet being put under the care of his uncle, Abu Talib.

There were also other events that took place during this month, including births, deaths, and the battle of Mu’tah, which add to the above, making Jamada Al-Awwal an important month for Muslims.

What To Do in Jamada Al-Awwal

Jamada Al-Awwal can be the perfect opportunity to reflect upon one life and worship Allah (SWT). During this month, you can try to read more Qur’an, do dhikr, make dua, pray sunnah prayers, and give charity to increase your acts of worship. With the right intentions, these acts of worship can be very virtuous, Insha’Allah.

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