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The word ‘Safar’ means ‘empty’ or ‘void’, and this refers to when houses were left empty when people would go out looking for food and provisions or be in battle. The word Safar also derives from the same root letters as travel in Arabic (alsafar).

The battles of Abwaa and Khyber occurred during this month, as well as other conflicts. Allah (SWT) commanded the Muslims to move to Madina to avoid further conflict, which reinforced Islam to be a peaceful religion and spread its message more widely.

During this month, Umrah is performed by many Muslims as it is not as busy as it is in Dhul Hijjah and Ramadan. This means they can have a more peaceful trip to help them focus on worshipping Allah (SWT)

When is Safar 2023?

Safar will begin on 18 August 2023, when Muharram ends, and end when the month of Rabi Al-Awwal begins, which is expected to be on 17 September. These dates are subject to slight change based on the sighting of the moon.

What Happened During Safar?

During the month of Safar, important events occurred. For example, the Prophet (PBUH) migrated to Madina from Makkah. This was on the 27th night of Safar, and a group of the Quraysh waited outside the Prophet's (PBUH) house to assassinate him. However, the Prophet (PBUH) left unharmed while reciting, ‘And We have put a barrier before them, and a barrier behind them, and We have covered them up so that they cannot see’. [Qur’an, 36:9]

Also, during this month, the Prophet’s (PBUH) daughter, Fatima (RA) got married to Ali (RA), and Hasan Ibn Ali (RA) attained martyrdom.

What To Do During Safar

During the month of Safar, it is important to continue good deeds from Muharram and increase worship by starting new habits. This could be reading more Qur’an, praying Tahajjud, or giving charity.

Giving charity with good intentions is virtuous at any time, which is why it is important to also give during the month of Safar. You can donate to UKIM today to help orphans, widows, refugees, and others in need around the world.

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