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Can you imagine water rapidly rising and filling up your home? Ruining your belongings? Killing your children?

People in Pakistan lost family members, were injured, lost their homes and livestock, and were displaced.

A year on from the detrimental floods in Pakistan, we can see the significant effects they have had on lives and livelihoods. The floods in June, July and August of 2022 affected more than 30 million people and killed over 1,000 people.

Displaced and Homeless

Many men, women and children were displaced due to the flooding after losing their homes. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children have even less access to healthcare and medication now after having to travel several miles to get away from the flooding.

Loss of Livestock

It is estimated that around 800,000 cattle and livestock died due to the floods, which had a great impact on people’s livelihoods. Still today, those in Pakistan are trying to regain control over their lives and ensure they have an income, but for those who lost their livestock, it is an ongoing challenge.

Damaged Schools and Health Clinics

28,000 health clinics and schools were damaged in the floods, many of them being damaged so much that they can no longer be used for their purpose.

Climate Crisis

Due to climate change, it is those in poorer countries and with fragile housing who face the worst of natural disasters. Their homes get washed away, their possessions get ruined, and their lives get taken.

With your help, UKIM is on a mission to provide support to these people who are most at risk and affected by the floods. We work to rehabilitate those in need across Pakistan by providing temporary shelter, food parcels, medication, clothing, blankets, and various other essentials. Despite this, we require your donations to make our work possible and elevate the worst-affected individuals into a better situation.

How You Can Help

Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal

Pakistan flood relief has been and is still being provided by UKIM to support those who have been affected. We have been providing essential items and care to children, mothers, older people, and people in need.

You can help us in our mission by donating to UKIM. You can help those in Pakistan recover from the floods by providing food, clean water, shelter, and clothes.

Healthcare Facility Appeal

UKIM also has an appeal specifically for providing healthcare and medication to those in need in Pakistan. The funds raised in this appeal can greatly benefit those affected by the floods.

It only costs £250 for an emergency medical camp in Pakistan, which can provide care for those who are unable to make it to the hospital.

You can donate here. Donations to this appeal are Zakat applicable.

Pakistan Water Pump Appeal

Another UKIM appeal is to help provide clean water in Pakistan in areas that need it most. The floods have left many water sources contaminated with waterborne illnesses and dirt. One pump costs just £200, and it can be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah.

You can even split the £200 between a group of your friends so that you all gain in goodness, Insha’Allah. Donate a water pump here.

Why Give Charity?

There are so many reasons to help others and benefits of giving charity.


There are several hadiths about charity and helping others; Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter. Whoever alleviates [the situation of] one in dire straits who cannot repay his debt, Allah will alleviate his lot in both this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter. (Muslim)"

He also said: “A charity is due for every joint in each person on every day the sun comes up: to act justly between two people is a charity; to help a man with his mount, lifting him onto it or hoisting up his belongings onto it, is a charity; a good word is a charity; and removing a harmful thing from the road is a charity.” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim)

In another hadith, the Prophet(peace be upon) him, said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Qur’an Verses

In the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) says: “Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not assist each other in acts of sinfulness and transgression. And be aware of Allah. Verily, Allah is severe in punishment” (Qur’an 5:2).

"Be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity." (Qur’an 2:110)"

"Indeed, the men practising charity and the women practising charity, i.e., those who have loaned Allah a goodly loan – it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a generous reward." (Qur’an 57:18)

DONATE now to follow the teachings and practices of our Prophet (PBUH) and follow the commandments of Allah (SWT). May it weigh heavy on our scales and help those in need. Ameen.

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