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Pakistan Water Pump Appeal

The recent Pakistan floods have filled the country with dirty water, leaving many vulnerable to waterborne diseases.

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UKIM’s Build a Water Pump Charity Following Pakistan Floods

Our water well pump charity in Pakistan is in response to the floods that lasted between June and October 2022. As a result of this, 1,739 people were killed, and the country is still trying to recover from the detrimental impacts of this flooding. One of the major effects of the nationwide floods is a lack of clean drinking water, resulting in dehydration and waterborne diseases.

At the peak of the floods, a third of the country was covered in dirty water, and pipes were being damaged. As a result, people are still unable to obtain safe water to drink, and a significant percentage of these people were already struggling before the floods took place.

The Importance of a Water Well Charity in Islam

Without our build a water well charity, dehydration and waterborne diseases will continue to wreak havoc across the nation. Everyone in Pakistan is at risk, including small children and the elderly. In fact, vulnerable people like these are most likely to suffer from the most devastating consequences of dehydration and diseases, which is sure to result in more deaths.

Build a Water Well Islamic Charity Donations

UKIM is running a build a water well Muslim charity to help these people in need. Together, we can help our calamity-stricken brothers and sisters, save lives, and make clean water more widely available across the country.

With £1000, a share in a water filtration plant can be purchased, which will help us increase the amount of drinkable water across the nation. Access to clean drinking water should be a human right, yet so many people are forced to go without it. With your help, we can get closer to a world where everyone is healthy and hydrated.

Learn More About Our Water Well Charity for Pakistan

Our water hand pump charity is just one of the ways we’re striving to ease hardship in response to the Pakistan floods. You can read more about how the people of Pakistan are being impacted by the aftermath of the floods by visiting our general Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal page.

The effects of the floods continue to take hold, meaning your help is still more vital than ever. Without your life-saving donations, our work simply wouldn’t be possible.

Please, give what you can to save people in need from an otherwise dire fate.


The recent Pakistan floods have filled the country with dirty water, leaving many vulnerable to waterborne diseases.

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