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Fundraising and donations are of great importance all year round. However, winter requires additional efforts to boost donations and fundraising. This is due to existing struggles only being exacerbated by the threats that winter poses, and our desire to avoid a winter emergency. 

The communities that we work with need our help more than ever during this time, and the donations that we receive could be the difference between life and death. As a result, we take this time to invest plenty of time into fundraising so that we can collect a significant amount of donations. You may not feel like your contribution seems like a lot, but the life-changing impact it has is absolutely priceless, no matter how big or small. 

In order to combat the struggles of winter, we’ve set up our Winter Appeal. This is to ensure that all homeless people, refugees, and those living in poor-quality housing are protected from the cold. Alternatively, you can browse our winter fundraising ideas or start a fundraiser on the UKIM website and promote our projects. 

Why is Winter Fundraising Important?

Winter fundraising is imperative to any charity for a variety of reasons. The main goal of every charity is to improve the world and make a difference. In the absence of funding, these changes simply can’t be made. Additionally, winter is the time in which most changes need to be implemented in order to save people in need from the cold weather and the struggles that come with it. A winter emergency can be significantly more damaging than at other times of the year.

Winter Fundraising Helps Further the Mission

As the name suggests, the main point of fundraising is to raise funding so that the work of charities can be made possible. The more money comes in, the more people across the globe can be reached and helped. For example, £30 can provide a child with a warmth pack containing warm clothes, gloves, and shoes. This is an incredibly life-changing measure for one child and could save them from the dreaded fate of hypothermia, pneumonia, and other deathly illnesses caused by the cold. However, £1000 could build an insulated tent for a refugee family, acting as a more permanent measure to keep an entire family shielded from the cold and the threats that come alongside it. Ultimately, greater funding results in a greater impact.

Fundraising Shares the Cause with the World

Fundraising is all about reaching out to existing community members, as well as new audiences. Charities such as ourselves are non-profit, meaning we rely on regular donations to keep our mission going throughout winter. Our online platform is among the best ways to reach out to donors since we’re not limited to location. Similarly, our website is filled with content to display what we’ve already achieved and what we’re striving towards, therefore donors are able to make an informed decision about whether they want to contribute to the cause, whilst being fully aware of how their money is being spent. 

Fundraising Keeps our Generous Supporters Informed

Here at UKIM, we have regular donors that we’re very grateful for, and our fundraising methods are perfect for keeping them in the loop. We inform you what can be achieved with each donation amount, bringing the donor’s contribution to life. Not only does this allow the donor to form a connection with the cause, but it also reassures them that we can accomplish great things together. This is particularly important in the winter months due to the urgency at hand. 

Why are Winter Donations Important?

Though donations are important all year round, they’re of the greatest importance during winter. This is because winter poses many threats that can result in death, meaning urgent protection is needed. In order to deliver this protection, we require your generous donations. By implementing winter fundraiser ideas we can ensure that we continue to maintain help and support to those most in need during these difficult times.

Temperatures Drop Drastically

One of the biggest myths about the countries that we work with is that the temperatures stay warm all year round. In fact, winter climates in most of these countries match the UK winter temperatures, whilst some even drop below this. Despite this, the UK is equipped to deal with such coldness, whereas developing countries do not. Central heating, double glazing, and other insulation methods aren’t commonly installed in homes in these regions. 

Rather, homes are designed to expel heat due to hot summer climates. This results in illnesses such as hypothermia and pneumonia, which will often lead to mortality. Consequently, winter donations are more important than ever as they provide families with the means of keeping warm and avoiding death. 

Winter Illnesses are Rife

On top of the deathly temperatures, people in developing countries are often forced to live in cramped conditions, wherein contracting winter illnesses is inevitable. Common colds, influenza, and the coronavirus are typically fought off with relative ease in the UK; however, this isn’t the case in the communities that we work with. Their poor health means that their immune systems are weak, whilst limited medical facilities mean that they’re unable to receive inoculations and other treatments. 

To make matters worse, they often don’t have ready access to water, meaning that they’re unable to regularly wash their hands, further enabling the spread of diseases. As a result, thousands find themselves dead from preventable illnesses. We rely on your winter donations to combat the deathly effects of winter illnesses. 

Donate to UKIM this Winter

Your contributions during this time make the world of difference to those in need. Donate today.

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