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In simple terms, Qurbani is all about making an animal sacrifice; however, the meaning of such runs much deeper. Qurbani isn’t a barbaric ritual and, instead, provides an opportunity for Muslims to honour their commitment to Allah (SWT). Although many people give Qurbani in the UK, as opposed to making a physical sacrifice, there is still much to be learnt from Qurbani. As the time to make your Qurbani donation in the UK is approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to reflect upon what Qurbani teaches us.

Traditionally, Qurbani is the sacrifice of an animal that takes place after the Eid ul-Adha prayers in commemoration of the sacrifice of Ibrahim (AS). It is a time of joy and wisdom, whereby Muslims are reminded that it’s their duty to make every sacrifice that Allah (SWT) asks of them, just as Ibrahim did (AS) during the first Qurbani.  

Why Do We Have to Give Qurbani?

There are multiple reasons why Muslims should give Qurbani, each of which is predominantly fuelled by becoming a better Muslim and obeying the word of Allah (SWT). Whether you make a physical Qurbani sacrifice or give Qurbani online, your obligation to Allah (SWT) doesn’t waiver, and you’re required to fulfil this ritual in one way or another. In order to be a good Muslim, you must express compassion, facilitate equality, unite with the Ummah, obey and love Allah (SWT) unconditionally, and care for the less fortunate. With the help of a Qurbani donation online, fulfilling your religious duties couldn’t be easier.  


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be easy to lose sight of the reality of what meat is and where it comes from. In the UK, we purchase meat from the likes of supermarkets and butchers, whereby the animal has already been prepared for eating. As a result, we’re able to separate the meat from the animal it once was, which lessens our empathy and allows us to live in ignorance.

In contrast to this, Qurbani forces us to recognise that meat comes from one of Allah’s (SWT) creations. As Muslims, we should feel compassion for every sentient being, and this is one of the many teachings of Qurbani. Whether you donate your Qurbani online for the sacrifice to be performed or carry out the sacrifice yourself, you have no choice but to make the connection between the animal and the meat.


Our perceptions can often be tainted by the likes of wealth, social status, and other imaginary labels that get attached to us in our lifetimes. As a result, it’s important that we’re often reminded of the fact that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT).

During the traditional ritual of Qurbani, the meat is split into three equal parts, which acts as a reminder that we are no better than our neighbours or the less fortunate. Not one party is more entitled to the meat than another and an equal distribution is absolutely imperative. Not one person deserves to suffer through the likes of hunger, and Qurbani successfully underlines this idea.

Unity Amongst Muslims

The Islamic faith connects billions of individuals via a matching belief system and identical core values. Regardless of other differences, Muslims can take comfort in the fact that they are all put on this earth to serve Allah (SWT). This unified stance creates the perfect foundation to build new friendships, strengthen family bonds, and demolish previous grudges. Qurbani is a time in which Muslims join together as one Ummah and do what they can to uplift the needy and bring the world closer to a state of equality.

Obedience and Unconditional Love

Since the Qurbani ritual is based on Ibrahim’s (AS) willingness to sacrifice his son, it is a time to imitate this same obedience and unconditional love to Allah (SWT). In the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) commanded that Ibrahim (AS) must sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS) as a display of his devotion to Him. The pair readily obliged; however, Ibrahim (AS) wore a blindfold to prevent him from witnessing his son’s suffering, and Ismail (AS) requested to be bound by ropes to restrict him from struggling.

After carrying out the sacrifice, Ibrahim (AS) removed his blindfold, only to see that Ismail (AS) was completely unharmed. Since the pair had expressed incredible loyalty to Allah (SWT), he rewarded them by saving Ismail (AS).

This same faith is expressed by Muslims across the globe every year by partaking in the Qurbani sacrifices in one way or another. We’re reminded that obeying Allah’s (SWT) commands can be painful; however, it’s something we all must do. Allah (SWT) is all-knowing, and whatever he asks of us is done for our benefit, regardless of whether we know it or not.

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