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Qurbani 2021

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Follow the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS)

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Follow the Sunnah of Ibrahim (AS)



Country Sheep/Goat Cow 1/7 Full Cow
Afghanistan Refugees £95 £45 £315
Azad Kashmir £95 £45 £315
Bangladesh £95 £60 £420
India £95 £25 £175
Jammu & Kashmir £100 £60 £420
Nepal £95 £35 £245
Pakistan £95 £45 £315
Rohingya Refugees £95 £70 £490
Sri Lanka £95 £45 £315

Most Needy

Country Sheep/Goat Cow 1/7 Full Cow
Yemen £100 £100 £700

Middle East

Country Sheep/Goat Cow 1/7 Full Cow
Lebanon £170 £140 £980
Palestine £260 £240 £1,680
Syrian Refugees £170 £150 £1,050


Country Sheep/Goat Cow 1/7 Full Cow
Djibouti £70 £50 £350
Ethiopia £70 £50 £350
Kenya £70 £50 £350
Sierra Leone £50 £350
Somalia £70 £50 £350


Country Sheep/Goat Cow 1/7 Full Cow
Albania £110 £100 £700
Country Sheep/Goat Cow 1/7 Full Cow
Bosnia £140 £140 £980


While performing Qurbani or making a Qurbani donation is obligatory in Islam, it is also a wonderful chance to remind ourselves of the complete devotion of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and apply his wisdom to our own life in order to attain closeness with Allah (SWT). By following the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Qur'an, we can all strive to become the best possible versions of ourselves – and charity is at the heart of Allah’s (SWT) wishes for us.

Although we are all equal in the eyes of Our Creator, sadly, poverty, conflict, and disaster have created a divide between us and our less fortunate brothers and sisters. As a result, it is imperative that we remember that all our wealth and material possessions are not our own – they belong to Allah (SWT) for He has blessed us with them, yet we cannot take them with us in the Hereafter. Therefore, it is our duty to share the rewards of our own good fortune not only with our loved ones, but also with our brothers and sisters both in our local community and in the global Ummah. Your Eid ul-Adha donation can save lives.

Why Do We Donate Qurbani?

The act of performing Qurbani carries great meaning and significance as it represents the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was prepared to make atop Mount Arafat all those years ago. This year, as you make your Qurbani donation and follow in the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), take a moment to reflect on the courage and dedication that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son, Ismail (AS), showed on that fateful day. Although Allah (SWT) does not ask us to make sacrifices as great as this, the act of Qurbani serves to remind us of Our Creator and the blessings He can give us when we follow His wishes.

When Should I Donate My Qurbani?

Many Muslims choose to donate during the days of Dhul Hijjah, but others prefer to donate their Qurbani up to a month before Eid ul-Adha.

Regardless of when you order your Qurbani, you can rest assured that the sacrifice will only be performed on the 10th, 11th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah, in accordance with Qurbani rules.

What is the Prophetic Qurbani?

The Prophet (SAW) gave Qurbani twice – once for his own share, and a second on behalf of those who could not give their own Qurbani. This selfless act of generosity is called the Prophetic Qurbani.

Some Muslims choose to perform the Prophetic Qurbani and donate in excess on behalf of their brothers and sisters who cannot donate, while others opt to donate an additional share in memory of a loved one.

Although it is obligatory for every eligible Muslim to provide one Qurbani share, there is no upper limit on the number of shares you can donate. If you are in a position to be able to give more on behalf of yourself or another person, we would be extremely grateful to receive your contribution and distribute it to those in need across the world. This kind act will enable those who cannot afford to donate Qurbani to also receive the rewards of this sacred tradition.


  • In 2016, unemployed widow Sadia and her six children were struggling to survive in rural southern Somalia so they emigrated to the capital city Mogadishu. After three years, her family still depended on the charitable support of others. Alhamdulillah, a UKIM donor followed the sunnah of Ibrahim (AS) and gave 4kg of qurbani meat to Sadia’s family.

    She said with gratitude “May Allah accept this sacrifice from those who shared with us and protect their families.”

    Sadia, Somalia

  • Brother Aqlimuddin lives in very poor conditions without proper housing and sanitation, a situation which severe flooding has made worse. He thanks Allah (SWT) for all he has but his small income from teaching at the local madrasah is too little for his family to survive on.

    Alhamdulillah, one of our donors followed in the footsteps of Ibrahim (AS) by giving Aqlimuddin fresh Qurbani meat in Eid 2019, which he was joyful to receive.

    Aqlimuddin, India

  • Brother Asmat is seventy years of age. He fled to Pakistan in 1980 when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Now he is still living in a refugee camp in Pakistan where there are no proper opportunities for a livelihood. Asmat struggled for years to establish a grocery shop and provide for his son and five daughters. Now, Alhamdulillah, his son makes a living from the shop which helps support their family, but it’s not enough.

    A UKIM donor supported them in 2019 with a Qurbani donation, Masha Allah. 

    Asmat Khan, Afghan Refugee in Pakistan

  • Malonchi is a 59 year-old widow from Bangladesh. She has been struggling to support herself for the last three years, since her husband died, by working as a cook and cleaner in her neighbour’s home.

    She was very happy to be blessed with the Qurbani meat by a UKIM donor and said she hopes we will continue our great work serving the needs of poor people.

    Malonchi, Bangladesh

  • Fatu, Sierra Leone

    Sixty two year old Fatu’s husband died 10 years ago in a road accident and her only daughter died 5 years ago due to Ebola. She now has no one to take care of her in her old age, except donors like you. “You have made me feel happy with this huge package. This is my first time that I had meat since I lost my husband. Today is a special day for me. Widows are not considered as important people in this community. Only organisations like UKIM know what we suffer.

    I am grateful for this gift and may Allah (SWT) those who provided this meat.”

  • Fatima, Sierra Leone

    Fatima is 72 years old and living in Northern Sierra Leone with her four grandchildren. She lost her husband and eldest son to ebola five years ago and now she is the head of the family. She expressed her feelings while taking Qurbani Gift.

    “All this for me? Alhamdulillah. Yesterday we were wondering what to cook today as I was not too sure whether I was going to get meat today or not. We ate ordinary dry rice with my grandchildren because I had no money to buy fish, let alone meat. I am grateful for this gift and may Allah reward you and those who provided this meat.”

Who Will My Donation Help?

We are based in the UK, but our teams work globally to provide support for the most vulnerable and needy. Your online Qurbani contribution will help us in our mission to support some of the most vulnerable people around the world. With your donations, we are able to provide food to impoverished communities across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

What is the Qurbani Price for 2021?

Depending on location, Qurbani prices for 2021 can vary. For example, our Qurbani rates for Pakistan will differ to our rates for India. This is to match the prices of animals within the country, allowing us to support local farmers by buying locally, boosting the economy and further helping those living in the region. Donating your Qurbani online with us can truly make a difference.

Donate Qurbani with UK Islamic Mission

When you choose to make your Eid ul-Adha donation with UK Islamic Mission, you can rest assured that your generous donation will go directly towards providing food for a poverty-stricken family this Eid ul-Adha.

You can make your donation safe in the knowledge that our teams on the ground work with local farmers and shepherds to ensure all Qurbani animals are healthy and well cared for. When it is time for the sacrifice to be made, all Qurbani animals will be slaughtered according to halal tradition, and the meat will be divided equally to help to feed your brothers and sisters this Eid ul-Adha. Our team will guarantee that your donation meets all the rules, regulations and requirements while offering a valid and worthy sacrifice to Allah (SWT).

Qurbani is an important part of the festival of sacrifice, and a significant act of worship in Islam. Performing Qurbani or donating your Qurbani to benefit those in need will bring you closer to Allah (SWT), as well as benefitting the global Ummah and working towards a more equal, balanced world.

As the time for Qurbani 2021 draws ever closer, take this opportunity to free yourself from the trappings of material possessions and worldly desires and, instead, actively work to renew your relationship with Allah (SWT) and seek blessings for the Hereafter.

Help your brothers and sisters join the global Ummah in celebrating at this joyous time of year; donate your Qurbani with UK Islamic Mission this year.

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