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Qurbani in the UK

Qurbani 2024 in the UK is just around the corner, and that means that Muslims up and down the country are looking for the most convenient way of fulfilling their religious obligation. Since it isn’t permitted in this country to sacrifice an animal as Qurbani, the vast majority of Muslims in the UK choose to donate their Qurbani online. UKIM accepts your Qurbani donations, which we will then use to purchase a Qurbani animal in one of the countries in which we work and slaughter it in line with Islamic rules. We will then distribute the Qurbani meat among those experiencing poverty in the country in which the sacrifice took place.

What Does Qurbani Mean in English?

When translated from Arabic, Qurbani means sacrifice. This comes from the ultimate sacrifice that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was willing to make, following Allah’s (SWT) instruction to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS). Since the pair expressed an unwavering commitment to the Creator, He put a ram in Ismail’s (AS) place, leaving him completely unharmed.

How Much is Qurbani in the UK?

The Qurbani price in the UK varies depending on the type of animal as well as country in which it’s located. For instance, you might choose to purchase one small animal (e.g., a sheep or goat), which equates to a single Qurbani share. On the other hand, you might decide to purchase one-seventh of a large animal (e.g., a cow, bull, ox, buffalo, or camel), which is also one Qurbani share. The UK Qurbani prices will vary depending on which route you opt for.

How to Do Qurbani in the UK

The easiest way to do Qurbani in the UK is to make a donation to an Islamic charity such as UKIM. We will use your donation to purchase an animal in one of the countries in which we work, slaughter it in line with Islamic slaughter rules, and distribute the meat among those experiencing hunger in the country in which the sacrifice took place.

Give UK Qurbani with UKIM

With the help of UKIM, nothing stands in the way of you fulfilling Qurbani during the days of Eid al-Adha. Simply donate to our Qurbani Appeal, and we’ll make sure that your donation makes it from the UK to one of the countries in which we work, allowing you to feed someone who needs it most this Qurbani.

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