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Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world, though it is the 33rd largest country by area. Despite its relatively small size, it is one of the most diverse countries of all, with its terrain ranging from arid-like deserts in the south and central parts to the rocky terrain of the Himalayas in the north. It’s these mountains that draw in global crowds every year, with mountaineers looking to summit the 8m peaks of K2, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II.

From these high peaks, it’s easy for people to overlook the issues that are on the ground in Pakistan. At UKIM, we see the harsh reality that so many people on the ground face. We carry out essential charity work in Pakistan to alleviate the struggle that is so widely felt, but with multiple threats taking various forms, we urgently need people to donate to our Pakistan appeal so we can continue our essential work.

Child Exploitation 

One of the biggest and most prevalent issues in Pakistan is child exploitation. A big part of this is due to the fact that almost two-thirds of births aren’t registered, meaning many children lack the protection that a birth certificate and proof of age provide. Without official documentation to prove adolescence, it’s likely they’ll be pulled out of school and forced to go to work prematurely. Some 3.3 million children are exploited through forced labour; denied the opportunity to enjoy a carefree childhood and improve their future career prospects through education. 

Where We Work: Pakistan

Pakistan has the second highest number of children who are not in school. Whilst some are forced to work, many others are forced into early marriage – particularly females. A quarter of girls are forced to marry before they turn 15, meaning their hope of building a prosperous life for themselves using their own skills is taken from them before their life has even properly begun. Unfortunately, if females refuse to marry, they may be subjected to physical abuse, meaning they have little choice if they want to preserve their safety and wellbeing. 

When you donate to Pakistan through UKIM, we will use the bulk of your donations to try and safeguard as many children as possible. We do this through our education appeals that give children in Pakistan free and ready access to schools, allowing them to learn essential skills they can use to develop their knowledge and forge a meaningful career for themselves. 

With these skills, they can go on to escape poverty and end the cycle of forced marriage and child labour, ensuring future generations don’t need to suffer.

Climate Change 

As a Pakistan charity, we recognise the very real risk climate change poses to the country, with its effects already being felt by many. Monsoons, droughts, and floods are becoming more frequent and intense as climate change starts to take hold, causing widespread damage and suffering. 

Where We Work: Pakistan

Vital infrastructure like hospitals, schools, and community centres are at risk of being destroyed by erratic weather patterns, meaning healthcare, education, and additional support is inaccessible. This has a knock-on effect on mortality, but the weather also means crops are affected. 

Ten million children suffer from stunted growth, whilst over 53,000 die from diarrhoea each year. It’s thought that 25 million people defecate openly in Pakistan, which poses a serious health risk, but when floods and monsoons hit, it’s even easier for human waste to make its way into national water supplies, heightening the risk and contributing to the spread of preventable diseases. With healthcare facilities often being destroyed by natural disasters, treatment can be hard to come by, resulting in higher mortality rates caused by disease, malnutrition, and the weather itself. 

At UKIM, we run mobile healthcare camps in rural areas that may be hardest hit by inequality and a lack of infrastructure, meaning with your donations, we’re able to provide essential healthcare to those who need it the most, potentially saving a life in the process. 

Help Pakistan 

The people of Pakistan are struggling, but you can help. Please donate to our Pakistan appeal so we can help those who need it most. 

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