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More than a million Rohingya refugees are living in Bangladesh having fled Myanmar, but find themselves the subject of political discourse with the government keen to move them on from overcrowded and unhygienic camps. In March 2019, Bangladesh stated that they would no longer welcome Rohingya Muslims seeking refuge in the country. 

Rohingya Muslims began to flee Myanmar in 2017, upon the start of state-led violence, forcing hundreds of thousands of families to leave behind everything they have ever known in search of a new beginning. More than a million Rohingya refugees sought safety across the border in Bangladesh For years they have continued to suffer in inhumane conditions where their lives remain in very real danger. 

UK Islamic Mission helps Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh who are living in desperate circumstances – almost one million of which reside in Cox’s Bazar, Kutupalong, the largest refugee camp in the world. Men, women, and children have been displaced, forced to fend for themselves, and with no place to call home, this is one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of our time. 

Our Work with Rohingya in Bangladesh

What UK Islamic Mission is Doing in Bangladesh 

Installing new water pumps, running mobile healthcare camps and supplying much-needed eye cataract surgery are just some of the amazing charity work that the UK Islamic Mission team has done in Bangladesh. However, Rohingya people need much more than this, especially those most vulnerable. 

To continue our critical work, we need the help and support of your kind donations today. Without it, we are unable to ensure that families have shelter, children receive an education and that every person has food and water. 

Some of the ways in which you can support UK Islamic Mission include: 

£50 – Feed a family for one month with a family food pack 

£60 – Give the gift of sight through full cataract surgery for one patient 

£100 – Emergency survival pack, packed with one family food pack, baby food, clothing, blanket and hygiene kit 

£200 – Supplies one hand pump which will provide clean and safe drinking water for up to 10 families 

£360 / £30 pm – Sponsor an Orphan; provide shelter, clothing, food, shoes, education tuition fees and family support for one orphan child 

£500 – Pays for one mobile healthcare camp, offering basic healthcare to 300 people 

£500 – Will sponsor an eye cataract surgery camp 

£1,080 / £90 pm – Sponsor three orphan siblings, providing shelter, clothing, food, shoes, education tuition fees and family support 

£1,200 (for 3.5 years) / £29 pm – Sponsor a Hafiz Qur’an; share the light and knowledge of the Qur’an with one child 

£2,000 – Fund a full water well installation, providing clean water to hundreds of people 

These are just some of the ways in which you can support the UK Islamic Mission team in our efforts to save the lives of innocent Rohingya Muslims, and we urge you to give as generously as you can.

Our Work with Rohingya in Bangladesh

How Religious Duties Support UK Islamic Mission in Bangladesh 

As well as choosing to give directly to any of our specific appeals, you can also support our efforts through choosing us for your obligatory donations such as Zakat and Qurbani. When you make your payment, especially during Ramadan and Eid celebrations, you can select an appeal to support where your donation will be designated. 

This means that your annual Zakat payment can be used to sponsor an orphaned family in Bangladesh. We are proud to be one of the main charities in Bangladesh tackling the Rohingya crisis head-on and working to save the lives of men, women and children who have been told they are not welcome in Myanmar and facing further persecution.

Winter in Refugee Camps 

The refugee camps that the Rohingya are housed in are not the most sanitary of places at the best of times, never mind during the winter when respiratory illnesses and other diseases are at their most volatile. It doesn’t take long for viruses to spread through the community and with the COVID-19 pandemic making winter 2020-21 one of the toughest in modern history, medical resources are extremely limited. 

Extra support is needed without delay, and you can ensure that UK Islamic Mission is able to prepare the Rohingya Muslims living in Bangladesh for the season by donating to our Winter Appeal, which provides food, warm clothing and shelter for those most in need. While you are considering turning the thermostat up a couple of notches or thinking about adding an extra layer when you leave for work in the morning, remember that millions around the world do not have that option. 

While we cannot save every life, we will always do everything we can to help those in need. Please donate now to help the Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh.

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