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With close to 80% of the population reliant on charitable donations, UK Islamic Mission is doing everything possible to meet the needs of the people of Gaza. The conflict has destroyed homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals. It has displaced and separated thousands of families, many of whom remain uncertain of whether their loved ones are still alive.

In Palestine, charity work and the kind donations of supporters are the difference between life and death for thousands of innocent lives that have been caught up in the conflict. There remains no sign of this changing any time soon, which leaves us looking at how to help the people of Gaza, who have already been through so much. With limited access to employment, education, shelter, places of faith and help of any kind, many families feel hopeless. These are desperate times.

At UK Islamic Mission, we are working to give hope to families who have been through so much. Through the kind donations of our supporters, we can supply essentials such as food packs that can feed a family for a month, medical supplies for hospitals, clean water, education, and clothing.

Ramadan Food Packs Gaza

How Your Donations Support UK Islamic Mission’s Palestine Charity Work

Whether you can afford to give a lot or a little, every penny counts and will go towards helping people in the most hopeless of circumstances. If you are asking, ‘How can I help the people of Gaza?’ please refer to our table below for what your donation can provide:


Family food pack which consists of basic items such as rice and flour to feed a family for a month


Essential medical supplies for a hospital or medical facility

£1,000 or £82 a month

One share in a water desalination plant to help provide clean water

£29 a month or £1,200 for 3.5 years

Sponsor a Hafiz, providing the light of the Qur’an and knowledge of Islam to a child and their community

£1,200 annually or £100 a month

Sponsor an orphaned family and widowed mother by supporting their access to education, food, safe drinking water, healthcare, and clothing


Rebuild or repair a damaged home for a family in Gaza

Eight years ago, the United Nations predicted that Gaza would be almost completely uninhabitable by 2020. Although two million people still live in Palestinian territory, the situation has, in fact, gone from bad to worse, just as the UN warned. When you see the condition of streets that families once called home, with many houses reduced to rubble, you understand that this is not a habitable land.

The conflict between Gaza and Israel has resulted in the continuous loss and harm of innocent lives. Husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters have perished, and many more will suffer the same fate, both as a direct and indirect consequence of conflict.

Help Gaza Today

UK Islamic Mission is working around the clock to help the people of Palestine, and while our supporters have already done so much to help those most in need, there are still many more to reach. Unfortunately, we have limited funds and can only use the resources that come from your kind donations.

One of our proudest achievements so far in Gaza is the opening of a new children’s ward in Kamal Odwan Hospital, which has a capacity for 75 patients. On top of this, our donors have also provided other hospitals and medical facilities with essential supplies that have saved lives and health.

As good as all of this is, it barely scratches the surface. For every person that we do manage to help, thousands more are going without the necessities they need. For each child we clothe, thousands are cold; for every person we feed, many more are going hungry; and for every family we find shelter for, it just doesn’t bear thinking about how many more are on the street.

We desperately want to help every man, woman and child who needs help in Gaza, and it breaks our hearts that, for all our efforts, we cannot yet manage this. With your help, we can strive to achieve just that, but there is no time to lose.

Gaza Winter Relief 2019

UK Islamic Mission Emergency and Winter Appeals

As part of the work for the people of Gaza, we have established the Rebuild Gaza Appeal, which you can find in our emergency appeals section, as well as a Winter Appeal, which includes Palestine and several more countries. During the winter, when temperatures drop, and there is an increased need for medical facilities due to seasonal illnesses, this is when the effects of poverty are the worst.

You can choose to donate directly through any of these appeals, with all donations used to support that specific cause. Additionally, you can also choose to donate your Zakat and Qurbani through UK Islamic Mission, and these funds can also be used to help those in need in Palestine. Charity, as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, enables us to lend a hand to our suffering Muslim brothers and sisters.

If you would like to support UK Islamic Mission’s work in Palestine or one of the other areas where we work, you can give via our donations page. Anything that you can afford will contribute to making a huge difference, helping to save lives and relieve the hardships of people living in poverty.

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