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Albania is a small country that borders Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. A short distance across the sea leads to Italy. It is very much within the heart of Europe, leading many people to assume that there is little need for charities in Albania because of its developed neighbours. 

Despite its somewhat safe location, Albania has a very troubled past and one that the country is struggling to recover from. Little economic growth and a late turn to democracy mean Albania is far behind the countries that surround it. There are thousands of people in need of aid, and that’s why we have teams on the ground in Albania to help them in any way we can. 

Our Work in Albania

Refugee Crisis

Albania is a country with a somewhat weak economy and few employment opportunities. Whilst it enjoys relative safety from extreme conflict, it is typically viewed by refugees as a springboard to the European mainland where they stand a better chance of finding meaningful employment and settling into a country with more political stability. 

Despite this, thousands of refugees still apply for asylum in Albania, many of whom come from Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Algeria. Unfortunately, refugees do not receive adequate support from the Albanian government, with reports of too little food provisions forcing vulnerable refugees to beg on the streets for handouts from strangers. 

What’s more, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the National Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers closed its doors to new refugees, leaving many to fend for themselves on the streets with no assistance. UKIM were there for refugees who were left out in the cold during the height of the pandemic, and we continue to provide assistance to those who need it. 

Using your kind donations, we are able to hand out essential food resources, warm blankets, and provide vital aid to refugees who are unable to access such basic provisions. As conflict in the Middle East intensifies, it’s likely more refugees will make their way to Albania, be it on a permanent or transitional basis.

Gender Based Violence 

Abuse against women and girls is a big issue in Albania, with more than half of women having experienced abuse in some form. Women are also the hardest hit by unemployment as there is a prominent view of women as housewives and parents and nothing else. This means many do not get to complete school, and those that do tend not to work once married. 

This denial of opportunities for women means thousands of people across Albania are not able to reach their full potential or achieve their dreams. At UKIM, we work to keep women and girls safe from violence and allow them to opportunity to pursue an education. It’s not just girls we help, though.

Our Work in Albania


Around a third of people in Albania are living in poverty, meaning some 14,400 children are forced to go to work prematurely to try and provide for their families. Our goal is to give communities the support they need so that their children may go to school and be in with a chance of escaping the cycle of poverty. 

The government offers a social allowance to 80,000 people, but it equates to only 8,000 lek a month. That’s around £56. For 63% of Albanians, the cost of basic necessities such as food, clothes, toiletries and bills is 50% higher than their income, meaning most people cannot afford the essentials so many of us take for granted. Diets are lacking and other sacrifices have to be made. 

During Qurbani and Ramadan, we ramp up our charity efforts in Albania to provide people in need with a nutritious meal. For some, these two occasions are the only time of the year they can eat meat.

How You Can Help Albania

UKIM is just one of the charities in Albania working to help those who need it, but we can’t do so without your help.

Please give what you can, be it a one-off donation or your due Zakat, to our Albanian appeal. 

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