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Kenya is located within sub-Saharan Africa and has a population of over 55 million people. From 2007 to 2008, Kenya encountered a political crisis that led to an eruption in Kenyan society. Trauma and structural violence began on a large scale, leading to immense chaos, bloodshed, and injuries. The Kenyan community was extremely angered not only by the political situation but also by the vast poverty and corruption in the country. 

Many young girls and women were subjected to abuse and rape during this crisis; unfortunately, many still face this today. 

Effects from the political, economic, and humanitarian crisis of Kenya are still prominent. Adolescent girls and young women are extremely vulnerable in Kenya due to multiple factors, including gender inequality, poverty, and a lack of protection. Many of them are exposed to abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, violence, and much more. Protecting the young girls and women of Kenya is extremely important to us.


Children across the country are still experiencing a lack of accessible education. This is due to poverty and limited resources. Violence against children is very prominent in Kenya, affecting their health and educational opportunities. Much of Kenya's youth experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse daily, which is rooted in social inequality. Children who are living in poverty, who may have a disability or are female, are most at risk. 

Covid-19 has greatly affected the condition of Kenya. Healthcare institutions are under extreme pressure and are struggling. The people of Kenya are already exposed to multiple illnesses and diseases. The lack of access to healthcare equipment and necessities has caused the death of many, pressuring doctors and health professionals. Kenya has also suffered a serious shortage of human blood due to funding cuts and a lack of donors. The people of Kenya are in desperate need of blood transfusions and healthcare equipment to withstand the pandemic. 

With the multiple crises in Kenya, including the Covid-19 global pandemic, the country has been in a dire situation for a long time.

Help a Child in Kenya

Charity organisations in Kenya like UK Islamic Mission have been working hard to help the people of Africa.

With the ongoing humanitarian crisis of Kenya, many young children are deprived of food, clean water, healthcare, shelter, and sanitation. Due to deprivation, conflict, and poor weather conditions, many young children have either died, become orphaned, injured, or had to flee their homes. Many young children must fight to survive. They are unable to access education and have little hope of a brighter future due to a lack of basic necessities. 

As a result of limited education and protection, children are vulnerable to exploitation. The pandemic has caused more disruption to an already struggling education system. Many schools have closed completely in disadvantaged countries like Kenya due to Covid-19. Unlike in the UK, internet access is not a common feature of homes, resulting in difficulty to provide children with an education. 

UK Islamic Mission believes that all children deserve a good and prosperous life. No child should have to go through such traumatic events. We believe that education and a child’s future are worth fighting for. With your support and donations to our appeals, we will be able to provide aid to the youth of Kenya, helping to empower them and create a brighter and flourishing future.

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How to Help Those Affected in Kenya

There are multiple ways in which you can support the people of Kenya through charity foundations in Kenya. UK Islamic Mission promises that all your donations will be used efficiently to help communities in Kenya. 

You can also give your obligated Zakat donation to UK Islamic Mission for distribution in Kenya. Sadaqah Jariyah and Qurbani are also acceptable forms of charity to support our work. Insha Allah, not only will these donations make an incredible difference to people in need, but they will also provide you and your loved ones with many blessings. Regular donations help us to plan and maintain long-term support, however, one-off donations are also extremely important to the work we do. 

With your generous donations, we will be able to provide much-needed support. This includes orphan care, support for education, food packs, orphan family sponsorship, clean water, and much more. These appeals are designed to help change lives in Kenya and other struggling countries, creating a brighter future. We work in the hope that the people of Kenya will no longer have to worry about food security or the safety of women and children. 

Donate Today with UK Islamic Mission

Your generous donation for the Kenyan people is highly appreciated; the amount does not matter as every penny counts. Help us to provide children with the education we take for granted, alongside providing the wider community with the necessities and healthcare they need to survive the hardships they face. Donate with us today to send Kenya help.

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